My camera and I are tight, we are world travel buddies and business partners. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

As a native to the Outer Banks this incredible place literally runs through my veins. I grew up in the ocean or on a boat, surrounded by beauty at every turn. I have never been one that has been easily contained. I was raised on southern hospitality, sweet tea, and family. With my free spirit I have always been drawn to creative inspiring things, thus photography captured me at a young age.

     In highschool I got my first OWN camera (go team Canon) and really dove into the art of photography which lead to my love of videography. I started shooting family portraits and second shooting weddings when I was just 16. Throughout high school I made videos for nonprofits and my local church. At 19 I went to Hawaii to study photography, videography, and ministry. Photography and videography has taken me to the Middle East in Jordan and Israel, India, Maldives, coast to coast of the US, and even Alaska. Now I am back living and loving on the Outer Banks with my incredible husband, our two favorite ladies our German Shepard Andi, and hedgehog Uno. I am so thankful to be surrounded by family, friends, and community that encourages me to chase my love. And it is fair to say that photography and videography are my passions.  They are not just what I do.  They are a piece of who I am. 

                                                   -with wild love, holly.